Bump Above Belly Button

It is very important to understand that a lump in any part of the body is an abnormal condition that can occur due to diverse reasons. A lump can be a soft knot or protrusion in the skin and it can grow in any part of the body. You must be aware that enlargement of a lump is the established symptom of any type of cancer. However, aside from cancer, the formation of lump in stomach can also be a result of other reasons.

A lump above belly button could possibly be a soft mound of tissue or a small swollen area in the belly button area. The most common cause of a bump above belly button is a hernia. An abdominal hernia appears when a muscle in the area weakens. This condition will make the internal organs swell and protrude through the stomach wall, thus appearing as lump in stomach. A hernia can occur after lifting something heavy or coughing for a prolonged period of time.

A lump in stomach can be a symptom of a serious medical condition and it should never be ignored.

Causes of Bump Above Belly Button:

The following are the most common causes of a lump above belly button:

  • Abdominal Hernia
  • Hematoma – blood clot after a trauma
  • Swollen lymph nodes
  • Lipoma – fatty tissue collection under the skin
  • Tumor of the muscles or skin
  • Urinary Tract Infection
  • Gastric cancer

Treatment for Lump Above Belly Button:

If you can feel a lump above the belly button, your first defense is to consult your doctor. Only a doctor can properly diagnose what disorder is causing the prominence of the bulge. If the problem is a hernia, surgery can effectively treat it.

For urinary track infection, an effective and complete antibiotic treatment will make the lump as well as the infection disappear.

The right treatment for a bump above belly button caused by a stomach or gastric cancer will depend on the severity and the progression of the cancerous cells. If the condition is at its early stage, the tumor can be taken out through surgery. For a more advanced stage, it may require chemotherapy or radiotherapy to treat and manage the cancer.

When you really analyze it, no matter how hard you try to look, you will never find a specific treatment for a bump above belly button. It is simply not out there. What you will find will be treatments for the conditions that caused the bulging lumps.

The best thing you can do before you panic is to go to your doctor and have the lump checked. There are many possible types of laboratory tests and other diagnostic procedures that can be done.