Bump Inside Nose

There are several reasons for a bump inside nose. A bump in nose can vary in size and can cause no discomfort most of the time. However, sometimes, it may become infected or grow in size and make it difficult to breathe. A bump or a lumpy outgrowth in the nose, no matter the size, should be checked out by a medical practitioner. One of the most serious causes for a lump in nose is cancer. Therefore, if you feel a hard lump inside the nose, you should never delay seeking medical advice.

Nasal Polyps

Nasal PolypsA bump in the nose is often referred to as a nasal polyp. Those suffering from frequent sinus infection, asthma, and allergies are prone to get nasal polyps. Chronic inflammation inside the nose causes polyps to form. When this occurs you may feel a bump inside the nose accompanied with a runny nose, headaches, itchiness around the eyes, and a decreased sense of smell. Breathing problems can occur if the nasal polyp grows and blocks the air passage. Small nasal polyps may not require surgery. However, larger ones that interfere with breathing,will require surgery, unless they respond to cortisone sprays.


SinusitisThis is caused by the swelling of the inner sinus lining. The sinuses are spaces in the facial bones where air passes and mucus gets drained. Swelling due to sinusitis blocks the mucus from draining. This causes pressure to build up resulting in severe pain. Sinusitis is a common condition and often goes away on its own. Treatment may be necessary if sinusitis is causing unbearable pain.


bump inside noseKeratoacanthoma is a skin condition that results form severe sun exposure. Bumps on the skin are very common when affected with Keratoacanthoma. Often these bumps can form inside the nose as well. It is most common among middle-aged men. A lump that vas in size from 1cm to 2.5cm will grow within 2 – 6 weeks after appearing on the skin. Although it will not cause pain, it will be very itchy. Usually keratoacanthoma may disappear after five or six months. As keratoacanthoma hot lingerie sexy lingerie spreads fast and may affect the lymph glands it is advised to seek treatment as soon as you detect the bump inside nose.

Ingrown Hair Follicles

ingrown hairHair follicles that has accumulated dirt or improper removal of nose hairs causes ingrown nose hairs. This causes the hair follicles to become blocked. As a result, the hair will grow beneath the skin. A lump in nose is a common symptom of ingrown hair follicles. This can be very uncomfortable and causes soreness and redness inside the nose. The ingrown hair follicle should be left alone and will heal itself. Once popped it will release pus and relieve the pain. Keeping the nose as clean as possible and using sterile tweezers in the right direction will help avoid this condition.

Nasal Cavity Cancer

nasal cavity cancerThis is a rare condition where cancer cells form in the tissues of the nasal cavity. Nasal cavity cancer causes no symptoms initially. However, towards the latter stages you may experience symptoms that are similar to that of an infection. This makes the cancer harder to treat as symptoms appear only once it has advanced to a higher level. Radiation, chemotherapy and surgery are some of the treatment options available for those who are affected with nasal cavity cancer. Nasal congestion that does not go away, persistent sinus condition, nose bleeds, loss of smell, swelling and bump in nose are common symptoms of nasal cavity cancer.

A bump inside nose, no matter how small or insignificant, should be shown to a doctor for a diagnosis. As lumps and bumps are generally the cause of an inflammation or an abnormal cell growth, it is important that they are properly treated. Early treatment of any ailment or medical condition is the best way to avoid aggravated conditions that result from progression to more serious levels.