Lump in Cheek Along Jawline

A lump in cheek or a bump on jawline may be caused by a number of conditions. A pea-sized lump may be cystic acne. A lump on jawline that can be moved easily could be a swollen lymph node or a calcium deposit. If the lump in cheek is anywhere else within the area, it could be an abscessed tooth or an infected swollen sinus cavity.

There are many symptoms that can occur with the lump; in some cases sores in the mouth may be present along with a lump in cheek. If you have a fever, the lump could be mumps, especially if the entire jaw feels tight and swollen. However, you can never be really sure of what causes a lump in cheek or on the jawline unless a doctor checks you.

Question 1:

I can feel a small bump on jawline, exactly where my back molar is located. Since it is in my cheek, I know it cannot be a tooth. It is movable and I do feel sick, like I have a cold. It does not really hurt but I notice it swells sometimes and does not at other times. What could it be?

Question 2:

There is a painful bump on my jawline, and I have a fever. What disease do I have?

Question 3:

What could a moveable bump on jawline be? I felt one today and I can move it like up and down, I am kind of concerned, but it does not hurt or anything. It just moves.


Lumps, bumps and swellings; these are all manifestations of something out of the normal body condition. These bumps are a body’s way of trying to tell you that something is wrong. The best way for you to know what could be wrong is to see your doctor.

It is of course alright if you want to do some research on your own. But the thing is, you should not be making too many assumptions that will only heighten your curiosity as well as your fear.

A mobile lump that is not tender could be a lipoma, a fatty lump also known as a sebaceous cyst; it is a benign lump.

A painful or tender lump may be caused by an infection or a swollen submandibular salivary gland; if the swelling occurs after a meal, then it could be a blocked salivary gland.

If the lump is just in front of the ear it could be a parotid gland; so it is very unlikely to be a lymph gland or node.

There are many other possible causes of a lump in cheek or a bump on jawline. Most of the time, you may feel scared to know what it is, but then you will never know how to cure it unless you know what caused it.