´╗┐Lump in Groin Area of Female

The groin area does not include only the genital area of a person. It also includes the upper, inner thighs and the area where the front of the body and legs meet the torso. If you experience any lumps or bumps in this area, it is always recommended to seek medical advice. A lump in groin area of female can be big, small, grow in size or remain the same; it can be one bump near groin or several lumps, painful or symptomatic, moveable or immovable etc. The colour of these lumps or bumps too can vary, as well as the texture. Observing all these variations are important in having a proper idea as to what is causing these abnormal growths and lumps.

Causes of Lumps in the Groin Region

There are several causes that can be applicable to the lump in the groin area. These can be results of injury, infection, allergies, hernia etc. Each of these causes results in a lump in the groin area. This can be a single bump or multiple bumps.

Lumps and Bumps Caused by Infections

An infection is one of the most common causes of a bump in the groin area. For example, sexually transmitted infections such as chancroid, granuloma inguinale can be characterized by a bump near groin area. Abscesses and boils too are common symptoms of infections. These will be pus filled cavities that may require draining and medications to heal.

Lumps caused by Allergies

Red, itchy lumps in the groin area of females are often due to allergic reactions to strong scented soaps or creams. Contact dermatitis is one of the most common allergic reactions which women experience due to wearing of synthetic undergarments. Contact dermatitis affects only the superficial regions of the skin. A rash with several lumps is a common symptom of contact dermatitis. Although contact dermatitis appears almost instantly upon exposure to the triggering agent, it takes many days to disappear. Contact dermatitis will only disappear when the irritant does not come into contact with the skin. Therefore, you may experience bumps in the groin area for several days without knowing the reason for it. For example, if using a detergent to wash underwear that causes an allergy, the lumps will remain in the groin area until you stop washing the underwear with that particular detergent.

Lumps caused by Hernia

Hernia is an abnormal protrusion of a part of an organ, through muscle walls that contains the organ. When the organ protrudes through the tissue it is called a hernia. Although hernia is most often associated with males, females too can suffer from it. Obesity, pregnancy, childbirth are all causes that make women susceptible to hernia. Hernia, may cause vomiting, pain, constipation and urinary problems. A lump in groin area of female can be due to an inguinal hernia. Child birth or a surgical procedure that caused pressure in the abdominal area will cause a lump to bulge out of the abdominal area.

Lumps caused by Cysts

Sometimes, a lump in the groin area can be the result of a cyst. Cysts are common skin infections that can occur due to clogged sebaceous glands. Cyst in groin area female can be filled with pus, air, fluid or any other materials. These are non-cancerous and, therefore, may not require treatment. However, some may become inflamed and will cause pain, resulting in the need for treatment. There are hundreds of different types of cysts. A cyst in groin area female can be identified through an x-ray, ultrasound and CAT scan.

A lump in groin area of female should always be medically diagnosed. The chances of this lump being a malignant tumour can be ruled out with proper diagnosis. Therefore, if you experience any groin lumps, do not waste time worrying. Obtain medical attention right away. Timely treatment can result in fast recovery and save you from mental distress of worrying about cancer.