Lump on Clitoris


A few months ago I found a lump on clitoris. It was not painful, and it just sort of disappeared after a couple of days. Yesterday, I found another small, pea sized lump on my clitoris again. It is hard to the touch, small, and is white. I don’t have any discharge or anything. It looks like a pimple, and I think it’s an ingrown hair or something. What do you think this lump on my clitoris is?


Lumps and bumps are localized swellings that manifest with or without pain, anywhere in the body. They can be large, small, hard or soft depending on its underlying cause. However, what you are talking about is most probably a lump due to ingrown hairs. It could also be Bartholin’s cyst. In some cases, it could be due to a sexually transmitted disease. There are many reasons for lumps in the vaginal area. You should have your gynaecologist examine the bump for further clarification on whether it is a malignant or benign growth. Do not try to break the lump or apply any compresses. This may aggravate the situation further.

What is Bartholin’s Cyst?

The Bartholin’s glands are located on either side of the opening in the vagina. These are the glands responsible for lubricating the vagina. Bartholin’s cyst occurs when the glands are blocked and are unable to secrete fluid into the vagina. As the fluid is unable to secrete into the vagina it will back up into the glands, and the result will be a small, tender lump at the vaginal opening. However, they can also grow to the size of golf balls. Bartholin’s cysts form for no apparent reason. It is mostly due to bacteria that are found in the vagina. It is common for the Bartholin’s cysts to become infected. This causes pus to leak out. When this occurs the cyst will require surgical drainage and antibiotics to treat the infection.

Can it be Genital Herpes?

Yes, your lump on clitoris can be due to genital herpes. Genital herpes is a sexually transmitted disease caused by the Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV). HSV will enter the body through intimate contact and travel to the nerve roots near the spinal cord. An outbreak of herpes will cause the virus to travel down to the original site of infection, and the result will be itchy, red skin and blisters on the vaginal area. The blisters will break and result in painful ulcers. If you experience any of these symptoms, as well as, pain when passing urine, you should consult your doctor and obtain medication to prevent further discomfort. Early treatment is necessary to avoid pain caused by genital herpes. Therefore, it is necessary to seek medical advice when you start feeling tingling sensation in your vaginal area and suspect herpes.

Can the Lump be due to Vaginal Acne?

Sebaceous glands and infected hair follicles are common types of vaginal acne. This type of acne can be embarrassing and rather uncomfortable. A pimple on clitoris or anywhere in the vaginal area accompanied with itchy sensations can indicate vaginal acne. These are caused by many factors. They include hormone changes, stress, diet, detergents, over production of oils in the body, medications etc. A white bump on clitoris can be a whitehead. This occurs when hair follicles are blocked by sebum and are unable to get out. A pimple on clitoris or any area in the vagina should be looked into by a gynaecologist. If the white bump on clitoris is due to whiteheads, you can use lavender essence oil and mild soaps to help with the bumps. Antibiotics may also help if these bumps are infected.

If you see lumps or lump on clitoris, you should not take too much time to see if it will reduce or go away. Schedule an appointment with your gynaecologist and obtain treatment as soon as possible so that no sever conditions are left untreated for too long.