What Does a Lump on Neck Indicate?

A lump on neck is a mass formation that may appear as a bump. They may vary in size and may appear anywhere on the neck area. There are many possible causes for a lump in neck, and the cause should be properly determined to be able to evaluate the best possible treatment options.

Question 1:

I am 22 years old and have a lump in neck. It feels like a hard knot on collar bone and has been there for a while now. I never went to the doctor to have it diagnosed because it was not painful, so I thought it was just nothing. But it just won't go away and it seems to be getting bigger. I am starting to get fever for no reason at all and I feel tired all the time. Could these be symptoms of the possible condition that is causing the lump on my neck?


A lump that grows and causes fever and extreme tiredness should not be ignored. The best thing for you to do is to consult your doctor. What you have may be enlarged lymph nodes or a possible tumor that may be cancerous. To be certain, go and see your doctor now.

Your thyroid glands could also be acting up; if you are a smoker or a heavy drinker, this is a big possibility. If you feel tired all the time, then it could really be thyroid gland problem. Go and see your doctor and get properly tested. A simple blood test will determine if you have a thyroid disorder.

Question 2:

I have been noticing small lumps on my neck for some time now. Every time I notice one, I think it is swollen lymph nodes. As they usually appear when I am sick, like with sore throat, I know it is the only possible cause for the appearance of lumps. But lately I can feel a larger lump on neck that appeared even when I was not sick. It is not painful to the touch but it bothers me because it seems bigger than the usual ones that I get on my neck. I don't have a fever and I do not sweat at night. I am also not that tired, so I know it is not my thyroid gland that is causing it. So, what could it be? Is it something that I should worry about?


Any lump that seems larger than usual should be something to worry about. It could just be swollen lymph nodes like you said, or it could be something else. You will never be at ease unless you consult your doctor.

Some possible causes of lumps on neck that are not painful are the following:

  • Bacterial infections
  • Benign tumors
  • Tendon or muscle trauma
  • Hematoma
  • Cysts
  • Non-melanoma skin cancers