Lumps on Back of Tongue - Causes and Treatments

Lumps on back of tongue may be caused by a sore tongue; these lumps on tongue may suddenly appear out of nowhere and be caused by allergies or the herpes virus, or could even be a symptom of the preliminary phase of syphilis. Other disorders that may possibly cause bumps on back of tongue are canker sores, bacterial infection or tuberculosis.

Causes of lumps on tongue may also include:

Trauma or injury - the lumps on tongue may be due to tongue biting and scalding.

Smoking - excessive smoking irritates the tongue, makes it sore and may eventually form bumps on back of tongue.

Canker sores - these are ulcers on the tongue due to too much stress and they may cause lumps on tongue.

Enlarged papillae - this occurs due to inflammation of the taste buds; they swell and form bumps on back of tongue.

Fibroma - bumps of connective tissues may form if there has been an injury or a trauma to the tongue.

Oral candidiasis - thrush or yeast infection is manifested by patches on the tongue and the inner side of the cheek; these patches may develop into lumps on tongue.

Herpes - oral herpes may develop due to unprotected oral sex; this disorder causes lumps on the tongue, inner side of the cheek, and in the throat.

Medical conditions like anemia and diabetes are associated with lumps on tongue.

Oral cancer - most lumps on tongues are not life-threatening but if they persist for more than a week you should see a doctor. Bumps that are exclusively present on one side of the tongue may be cancerous. White or red areas, or hard lumps on tongue when painless, may be a sign of oral cancer.

Treatment and Prevention of Bumps on Back of Tongue:

It is always recommended that you seek medical attention each time you see or feel anything that is out of the ordinary. Bumps on back of tongue are not normal occurrences; though these lumps may go away on their own, sometimes they also persist. If they do, you should not worry but you should see a doctor.

The doctor will examine your tongue to properly diagnose what is wrong with you. Once diagnosed, the proper treatment can be determined and administered as soon as possible; the type of treatment will depend on what it is that is causing the lumps on tongue.

How to Get Rid of Bumps on Tongue:

The key to properly getting rid of bumps on back tongue will depend on their cause. Most of the time, lumps on back of tongue are just manifestations of a condition that is not serious. If that is the case, you can easily get rid of those irritating lumps on tongue with natural homemade remedies like a salt water rinse. You can also try improving your oral hygiene and eliminating certain foods from your diet.

Adapt your diet to your condition. No matter what causes the bumps on back of tongue, they can be easily aggravated by certain foods. Highly acidic fruits can easily irritate the lumps on tongue. Sweets like candies and soda drinks as well as salty foods can also cause uncomfortable reactions.

Improper oral hygiene can cause further irritation to the lumps on back of tongue. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to pay better attention to your dental health. Brush your teeth two to three times a day and floss daily. If you notice persistent lumps, consider using a mouthwash.

Salt water rinse is the most proven effective homemade remedy for lumps on tongue. It is simple to prepare; a mixture of one tablespoon of salt with a cup of water is the ideal consistency. Gargle with a mouthful of the solution; do not swallow. It may taste awful but it is good at relieving discomfort caused by bumps on back of tongue. This gargle solution also cleans out any present bacteria, therefore preventing any infection.