Small Lump in Armpit

A lump in the breast is something that alerts everyone and they do take it seriously. But a small lump in armpit is usually taken for granted. There may be a good reason for this, since that lump can be a simple ingrown hair under armpit.

But in some cases, like when the lump has been there for more than two weeks or if you start to notice that it is slowly growing and becoming tender and painful, when you should take a few minutes and think. It could be something serious, if it hasn’t been for that long it can only mean that whatever caused it in the first place is still there inside your body.

You have to understand that a lump in any part of the body is simply a manifestation of a condition or an infection in the body. Most lumps are swollen lymph nodes created by the body’s immune system in the course of fighting off an infection.

Question 1:

What could a small lump in armpit mean? I felt one under my left armpit. Could this be just a cyst or a sign of breast cancer?


It could mean anything. If you are breastfeeding it is a very normal reaction of the body. It could also be a sign of breast cancer because breast tissues do extend to the armpit area. It could actually be a lump in your breast that extended that far.

That lump can also be a lymph node trying to filter out any body abnormalities like infection or cancer. There is a possibility that the lymph node is trying to fight off cancer cells. If you have a lump in armpit that hurts, then do not waste time and see your doctor.

Question 2:

My armpit is really painful due to something swollen inside it. There is some sort of a lump and every time I touch it, it just hurts. Should I go see a doctor? What kind of specialist should I see?


You should really see a doctor if the lump is still there and hasn’t disappeared on its own after two weeks. If you do not have a family physician, you can go and see an Internist. He will try to determine the cause of your lump and will recommend you to go to another specialist once he has a concrete diagnosis.

Question 3:

How can I tell if my lump is an ingrown lump under armpit?


An ingrown hair under armpit is very common, especially in women who shave their underarm hair. If you have curly hair, you are more prone to ingrown hair. Ingrown hair causes pain and irritation. So if the lump in your armpit is painful and irritated, then it could be an ingrown hair under armpit.