Tonsil Cancer Symptoms

tonsilsThe tonsils are soft tissues located in the rear of the throat, and are similar to lymph nodes and glands. They are a part of the lymphatic system, and help fight infections. There are three types of tonsils. These are pharyngeal tonsils, tubal tonsils, palantine tonsils. Cancer of the tonsils is most common in the palantine tonsils. This type of tonsils is located on either side of the throat. However, tonsil cancer is not restricted to the palantine tonsils. It can occur in any one of the other tonsils as well. Knowing the tonsil cancer symptoms will be beneficial for anyone as early detection and treatment is the only way to battle cancer in any part of the body.

Cause of Tonsil Cancer

As with any type of cancer the specific cause of tonsil cancer is not known. However, there are several factors that increase the risk of cancer of the tonsils. These include age, alcohol abuse, tobacco smoking, low immune system, medical conditions, chewing betel and the human papilloma virus infection. Males are also more at risk of getting cancer of the tonsils than women.

Symptoms of Tonsil Cancer

tonsil cancer symptomsMost cancers of the tonsils are squamous cell carcinomas, however, some are lymphomas. Many people are unaware of the symptoms associated with cancer of the tonsils. As there are several symptoms, you will be benefited by being aware of them. If you or any others have these symptoms, it is advised to seek medical attention. Tonsil cancer symptoms will vary from person to person. Therefore, some symptoms may affect you while others may not.

  • The most common symptom many people experience with tonsil cancer is a sore or a lump in the back of the throat. This will cause discomfort when talking, swallowing and eating.
  • You may also feel as if there is a swollen tonsil on one side of the face. This can be either the left or right.
  • A constant sore throat no other symptoms is also a symptom of tonsil cancer. Some may assume that it is an infection or an abscess or tonsil stones. However, proper medical diagnosis is important to rule out the possibility of a cancer.
  • Some individuals will feel a lump on the right side of the neck and node involvement on the left.
  • Painful ear aches, throat pain and extreme fatigue are also associated with cancer of the tonsils.
  • If you are losing weight and have no idea why, a doctor should be consulted in this regard. Unexplained weight loss is also a symptom of tonsil cancer.

There are several symptoms of cancer of the tonsils that may cause life threatening side effects. If any of these symptoms occur, it is vital to get immediate medical attention. Failure to act instantly will be fatal. If you are experiencing any respiratory problems such as wheezing, choking, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing etc, call for help immediately. In addition, if you are vomiting and it is dark or black in colour and resemble coffee grounds, seek medical attention right away.

Treatment for Tonsil Cancer

treatment for tonsil cancerTreating the cancer and avoiding the remission of it will be your goal of obtaining medical treatment. Treating tonsil cancer can take various forms depending on the severity of the cancer. These include chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgery or targeted therapy. By consulting your physician closely and assessing the severity and level of progression of the cancer, the appropriate method of treatment should be isolated.

Cancer of the tonsils places the patient at risk of life when complications arise. Such complications can arise if you neglect the regular medical checkups that are prescribed along with the adherence to proper treatment methods. Therefore, all who experience tonsil cancer symptoms such as swollen tonsil on one side and constant sore throat no other symptoms should seek medical attention right away.