What if I have a Lump on My Vagina?

Have you ever noticed or felt a small lump or a bump on vagina or on your genitals? A bump or pimple on vagina is a common concern for women. The lumps may be painful and may cause real concern, although equally, sometimes they are not painful and they go away on their own.

Question 1:

I have a lump on my vagina, I can feel it on the left side and it started as a bump but it became swollen real fast and now the lump covers much of the lip. When I first noticed the bump on vagina, it was not painful to touch, but now it is painful and getting worse. I cannot sit properly, it is becoming very uncomfortable. What could the problem be?

Question 2:

I have found a small, pea sized bump just beneath the skin under the clitoris. It doesn't bother me much until I put pressure on it, then it will hurt. I can't see anything, I can only feel it like a pimple on vagina. Is this just a cyst or something else I should worry about?

Question 3:

I was taking a shower when I noticed a pimple kind of bump on the external lips of my vagina. It doesn't really hurt but it bothers me when I wear jeans. I tried to pop it but it wouldn't pop; I can see it since it is just on the outer part of my vagina and it's kind of purple in color. What could it be?

Question 4:

I have a lump on the upper part of my vagina. It has become more and more swollen in the last few days. I shave, so first I thought it was just an ingrown hair but I am starting to get worried because it is getting really swollen and it is now very painful, especially when I touch it. Could it be cancer or just plain vaginal infection?


A bump on vagina can be due to many diseases. Most are infections, like a yeast infection or herpes simplex. These infections show symptoms like pimple on vagina and severe itching that may be accompanied by pain.

Severe pain with vaginal swelling may be caused by more serious conditions, like cancer of the vulva and Bartholin's glands. Vulvar cancer starts at the outer part of the vagina, and may involve the clitoris and the labia. Bartholin's gland disease is the formation of pus in the genital parts. Both are characterized by vaginal swelling and itchiness.

The best thing for you to do when you feel or notice a pimple, bump or lump in vagina is to seek medical help. You need to be properly diagnosed to determine what really is the cause of your symptoms, and to get properly prescribed with any treatment possible.